Ostrich Market Conservation

Ostrich Market Conservation florida-everglades1.gifFlorida was once a swampy wilderness of pines, palmettos, and moss-draped cypress. To these wilds came the first settlers, willing to risk their lives for a piece of ground they could call their own. Like the native Indians before them, the homesteaders made their living off the land they loved by fishing, hunting, and trapping. One of the critters they trapped was a scaly reptile that inhabited the swamps, creeks, and watering holes of the semi tropical jungle: the American alligator.

It took a real man to wrangle the indisputable king of the wilderness, a wily creature as big as a man himself-even twice as big. Like the fur traders of the Rockies and the cowboys of the Old West, these alligator trappers were legendary figures: courageous & resourceful.


We Help American Alligators . . .

By providing value to its habitat and making sure the American alligator remains as a sustainable resource to the world conservation programs and agencies that manage them in the USA.Dude-Ranch-006.jpg

Alligator hide is turned into beautiful and luxurious leather products, the meat is sold to fine restaurants, and the remaining portions of the harvest are used for many varied products in the pet, health and cosmetic trades. Nothing goes to waste.

The consumer is the success behind alligator conservation. By buying alligator products, revenues are generated for habitat protection and state wildlife programs. Every alligator harvested generates fees for state wildlife management agencies and habitat conservation activities. Ostrich-Alligator Market / Alligator Jake's is proud to be a part of this successful cycle of protection that has become a model world conservation programs around the globe.